Dr. Jon Ellis

Credentials: Ph.D. in Chemistry

Position title: (2017-2023)

Jon Ellis is the uncontroversial computational whiz of the Buller lab. A native of Wichita, Kansas, Jon attended Wichita State University, graduating in 2014 with a BS in ACS Biochemistry, all whilst serving on the WSU Student Activities Council as the Chair of the Gaming Committee. He then continued his Master’s education at Wichita under the supervision of Dr. Katie Mitchell-Koch and Dr. Jim Bann studying biomolecular fluorine NMR and performing computational studies of fluorinated amino acids. Jon is a recipient of the Biotechnology Training Program Fellowship here at UW, which granted him the opportunity to work for Eli Lilly the summer before coming to Madison. In his “free time”, Jon enjoys computer programming (for fun!), electrical engineering, video games, glassblowing, and cross-stitch.