Dr. Peyton Higgins

Credentials: Ph.D. in Chemistry

Position title: (2018-2023)

Peyton is yet another Buller Lab member who hails from Iowa, having grown up in the tiny town of Hudson. They then moved across the country to Northampton, Massachusetts, where they completed a BA in Chemistry in 2018. Their undergraduate research focused on synthesizing derivatives of an extracted natural product called Neurolenin D. These compounds were then studied in collaboration with a biology lab as potential treatments for a parasitic disease called lymphatic filariasis. They also spent a summer at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, conducting research on palladium-catalyzed arylation of indoles. Peyton is now back in the Midwest and excited to take their research in new directions as part of the Buller Lab! In their free time, Peyton enjoys hiking, rock climbing, playing video games, and spending time with her two dogs.