Holly Weilbaker

Credentials: BS Purdue University

Position title: Chemistry Graduate Student (Joined 2022)

Email: weilbaker@wisc.edu

Holly grew up in West Lafayette, Indiana and stayed there for 22 years. She graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Biochemistry with minors in French and Biotechnology. She did undergraduate research in insecticide discovery. While at college and after graduating, she was an analytical technician at Evonik Industries (and now knows way too much about HPLC). Before coming to graduate school, she also spent a year doing full-time research on the gut microbiome’s metabolism of oral drugs with Drs. Hyunyoung Jeong and Hyunwoo Lee at Purdue. Her interest in the intersection of chemistry and biology led her to UW for graduate school and she is very excited to live in Madison and become a better chemist! In her free time, she reads, bakes, and spends as much time as possible outside.